Unit 11 Review

As our Unit 11 Test approaches (Wednesday) we are reviewing skills we have been working on for the last couple of weeks.  These skills include: positive and negative integers, 3D shapes and volume, probability, and metric estimation.  Here are some awesome links to practice problems for the test.  HAVE FUN!!!

Data (mean, median, mode, and range)


Lines of Symmetry

More Volume

More Data

Spinner Predicting


3D Shapes

Fraction Review

Problem Solving

Positive and Negative Review

Compare Integers (Positives and Negatives)

Put integers in Order

Reflections, Translations, Rotations

Metric measurement

More Metric Units

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3-D Shapes

Three dimensional shapes have one thing that two dimensional shapes DO NOT have: depth, and therefore volume!

Try playing a few of these games to get familiar with some common 3-D shapes.

Alien Find 

Solid Identification

Sides and Vertices

3-D Shape Views

Time Practice

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Lewis and Clark: Westward Ho!

President Thomas Jefferson bought a huge piece of land from France, known as the Louisiana Purchase.  But he needed to know what was even out there.  He hired Lewis & Clark, with a bit of help from Sacajawea and a few others, to explore and observe the territory.  They traveled West, clear to Astoria, Oregon!  Along the way, they recorded tons of information about the people, land, and experience in their journals.

Interactive Lewis & Clark


National Geographic

Lewis & Clark Movie

Lewis and Clark Journals

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Oregon’s Regions

In our Oregon text, the state is divided into four regions based on climate, population, jobs, and land.  The four regions are the Coast, Willamette Valley, Cascades, and Eastern Oregon.  Students are using this information we learned earlier in the year and are still learning about, to examine the journey of Lewis and Clark and the early settlers of Oregon.

Links to the regions:

Seven Regions

Oregon Information

Travel Oregon

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Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

Unfortunately, cancer is all around us. There is an amazing hospital in Portland where doctors work hard to help kids get better.

Read here about the families at Doernbecher.

Read here to learn more about cancer.



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Fraction and Decimals

Fractions and Decimals are just different ways to show PARTS of a number.

Fruit Shoot

Matching Math: Tenths

Matching Math: Hundredths

Comparing Decimals

Balloon Pop! Ordering Decimals

Scooter Ride: Decimal Place Value

Ordering Decimals

Decimal Rounding

Unit 5 Fractions Decimal Games

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Women’s History Month is March

In class right now, we are studying the idea of “Everyday Heroes” and Biographies.  Since it is also Women’s History Month, why not study Women Heroes throughout history?

Time for Kids has some amazing stories about Women Heroes. 

Women’s History Month

Read one of the biographies and comment on what character traits you think the women had that made them a “Hero”.

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